The 4-ingredient water-based polish recommended by Kourtney Kardashian, ELLE and TeenVogue

Worry-free mani fun!

Piggy Paint was invented by Melanie, a mom concerned about chemicals and her kids' (and her own) health.

It's a revolutionary formula with only 4 ingredients: water, neem oil, adhesive, and colour. No odour, no solvents, no endocrine disruptors! The #1 safest nail polish according to the American EWG.

Blow with a warm hairdryer for 60 seconds and it'll last like traditional polish.

Kids adore the rainbow of vibrant colours, designing their mani, and leaving feeling gorgeous :-)

Piggy Paint is recommended by over 25 US beauty and parenting publications, Kourtney Kardashian, Mila Stauffer, and the ACE Family!

Adults' health is also damaged by many traditional polishes, so Melanie developed SOPHi: pregnancy-safe polishes with grown-up glamor!

Featured products: SOPHi pregnancy-safe adult nail polish

SOPHi nail polish is 12-free, cruelty-free, and vegan. Water-based with only 4 ingredients, no solvents, no odour, and no endocrine-disruptors. Pregnancy-safe and the American EWG's #1 safest-rated nail polish. Blow-dries hard in 60 seconds, lasts as long as a traditional polish. Keeps nails healthy. Use the Prime + Shine + Seal System for a salon-quality mani. View the full collection here.